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Country:  Australia
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ade ishs is a songwriter and a pianist currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. He was born in 1978 in Bandung, Indonesia. His playing style revolves around contemporary jazz, classical, and meditational. He has been compared with Lyle Mays, Keith Jarrett, and Dave Grusin.

His latest album release is Visions, containing unique solo acoustic piano tracks, blending jazz and classical music. It is a fitting accompaniment for relaxation, meditation, reading, and inspiration-seeking. The album is being sold worldwide, both physically and digitally.

From 1982 to 2000, he studied with many teachers. Among them is Peter Ferdinandus, under whose tutelage he studied music theory, history, and classical piano performance since 1991. During his study at the University of Indonesia (UI) in 1995 to 2001, he joined the Ensemble Band, where he was a pianist/keyboardist. Together with the band, he performed in various functions, mostly those organised by UI students. Until he finished his study, he had become a regular performer in UI. He also performed with Aning Katamsi, a renowned Indonesian singer.

In 2002, ade moved to Melbourne and soon met the local talents there. He composed a theme song for World Week 9, an international student event at RMIT. Together with Sandra Bogerd and Yugo Isal, they formed the Mixed Up jazz trio. ade also performed together with Dexter and the Band, Mosaic, and ROCS. During ade's trip to Indonesia in 2006, Yugo Isal and three members of the Ensemble Band, Djati Rekso Wibowo, Gupta Mahendra, and himself formed Gadsby, a Pat Metheny cover band. They performed in public, most notably in Kemayoran Jazz Community meet-ups.

After a long hiatus, now in 2009, ade presents his newest solo piano album, Visions. He is now actively promoting the album to the public, hoping that everyone who listens to it will feel the love he has put in it.