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My name is Casey T. Schmidt. I was born in October 12, 1987 in San Rafael, CA. I lived the majority of my life in the suburb of Denver, CO called Arvada and had a very unique younger life. Both my parents were much older and in medicine so I traveled quite often (New Zealand, Africa, Europe, and all over the US).

I had played classical recitals and local competitions in piano since I was little. Yet, as I got older I grew apart from music until a major chest surgery in October of 2004 of my sophomore year put me out of all physical activity and sports, which had been a large portion of my life, for more than six months. With nothing to do I went back to piano however from a different angle, no sheet music, just by ear tapping notes until they strung together melodies. Eventually those melodies would match up and turn into a song. Even in college in my time as a USD business student and D1 NCAA athlete I continued to write and play, however more as a private hobby and stress relief. There are still very few people that even know I play an instrument. Recently a friend asked me to upload songs for finals week so she could listen while she studied, 200 downloads later I began publishing and released my album June 24th, 2011 8th & Ivory.

I also have been working on a patent pending software program similar to the style of most recording programs however based on the condition Synesthesia, a rare ability allowing certain people to cross signals in the brain and see and taste sound. These cross patterns create higher brain function over different areas of the brain simultaneously. Thus, imagine playing your own music to the colors and patterns as unique as the notes, rhythm, and speed that you are. Memory retention would increase, imagination would increase, entertainment would increase, relaxation would increase, and most of all over all brain function would increase.

I graduated the University of San Diego with a BBA and emphasis on Marketing and still live in the area however cross between here and my hometown in Arvada, CO.