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Country:  Sweden
Christian Lindquist (
Solo Piano Music by Christian Lindquist. Soft, calm and airy. Quiet solo piano that is full of warmth and emotion. Influenced by Keith Jarrett and David Foster solo recordings. Story behind:


Born in 1969 on the Ockero islands outside Gothenburg in the west coast of Sweden. My family has lived here for generations. Here is proximity to open sea and a stunning nature.
Started playing piano by the age of 10 and never really liked it. It was all about classical guitar. Entering music college with a focus on guitar and a promising future. (back then:-) The piano was never considered, not the slightest, as the main tool for expression. Even today - after over 20 years of regular concerts with different constellations - I have not defined my approach to this versatile instrument.

I have always liked the sunrise, the freshness of an early morning. That has also become my time and very often I sit down and play my piano. I push record and play until the inspiration is out. The choice of keeping a recording is depended on how it makes me feel.

“Solo Piano Diary” is about my feelings, mood and my hunger for expression. Playing in a diary form is a quest for honesty, where suddenly the tone that was insipid yesterday is inspired today. The piano diary has become a way for me to verify my soul and to whittle truth out of my heart. The melodies are therefore a profound mix of pain and of peace.

I hope that my musical diary is a bearer of (e)motion which helps you as a listener to flow in the right direction…