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Country:  USA
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Dale Jessee is a Contemporary New Age Piano Player & Composer. His music is an outburst of his soul that reflects his passion, energy and creativity. Dale’s compositions and arrangements bring about an invigorating breath of fresh air to the New Age Genre.

Ever since his mom revealed this timeless secret: “Girls love guys who can play the piano,” Dale was never one to be forced to practice. The act of competing to memorize more songs than his older brother also drove him to practice anywhere from six to eight hours a day! He began lessons at the age of five, proceeding until he was twelve, when he took a musical hiatus. He was tired of feeling forced to play music that was BORING. This feeling remained until the age of fourteen when he came across the music of David Lanz, a New Age Piano Pioneer. Lanz’s style of music fostered a new musical breeding ground for Dale’s passion.

Thus began the journey. Suddenly on a musical high, he focused his energy on composing. Three years later his first album was recorded. Dale was later accepted to Tuacahn High School for the performing arts where he was able to further explore his creative musical talent. There his music was developed and nurtured. He was in numerous plays and talent shows, and received top honors in state-wide competitions.

After graduating, he returned home to Riverton, UT where he embarked on a new adventure of studying with Paul Pollei. Pollei, the founder of the world renowned Gina Bauchauer competition, recognized Dale’s unique talent and invited him to be on the judging panel. At age nineteen, Dale received his mission call to Roseville, CA where he served for two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He continued to share his talent while on his mission, inspiring many.

After his mission, Dale made a leap of faith and continued to pursue his dream of making his mark in the music world. Since then, Dale has composed 55 original songs and has arranged 35 more. He continues to work on his music in hopes of inspiring others. Dale currently resides in Riverton, UT with his lovely wife.