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Country:  USA
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Eri Saito is a solo pianist and composer, born in Osaka, Japan, and currently residing near Boston, Massachusetts. In 2015 she published her first album, Dear My Life, containing 8 solo piano tracks that she composed. In 2016 she published her second album, Beginning of The Light, that also contains 8 solo piano compositions. Both of her albums are available for purchasing and streaming on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify, and Pandora.

When Eri was just 5 years old her mother recommended her to start learning to play classical piano. At this time she already had perfect pitch, allowing her to easily replay songs, and from there it was history. At age 16 she traveled to Tokyo to see her first professional piano performance, Keith Jarrett. She was so amazed at how beautiful his playing was that she couldn't help but cry. Through his music she could hear so many emotions; joy, sadness, strength, and weakness. To her it felt like the "music was alive." That day truly inspired Eri to become a professional pianist and want to make music that can make people feel what she had felt that day.