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Street:  702 Kentucky St #756
City:  Bellingham WA
Country:  USA
Tel:  360-738-6436
Gary DePiro (
I began playing the piano at a very early age. I took piano lessons, studied music theory in college and went on to develop my own style of playing. This music comes to me in “inspired moments”. Once I finish recording a piece – I have to pause and name it immediately. Unfortunately – I usually go with the first thought that pops into my mind. Hence my process for giving birth to music.

My new CD "Healing Heart and Soul" was released in March 2011. These fourteen tracks were recorded between December 2009 and November 2010.

I was a college radio DJ for many years and have also worked in community radio.
My passion for new music led me to get involved with "radio reform" (since the airwaves have been sadly lacking in promoting NEW music). My website offers a solution for improving music programming on commercial radio. "We the people" can make a difference and reclaim our public airwaves. There is alot of great music waiting to be discovered.

I hope you enjoy "Healing Heart and Soul"

Gary DePiro