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Street:  1 Maple Ave
City:  11940 East Moriches
Country:  USA
Jennifer Haines (
Born Jennifer Cummins on February 3, 1980 Jennifer Haines was a musician and composer from the start. As a toddler, Jennifer would sing her own melodies while riding in her car seat, and finally at the age of ten her desire to learn the piano began to be fulfilled.

Although her first step in music was to begin piano lessons, she did not foresee the dedication involved in learning the more challenging pieces she longed to be able to play. Frustrated, she quit after only nine months.

At the age of sixteen, her desire to play was rekindled and she began teaching herself. Her ability to play melodies by ear enabled her to conquer the difficult classical pieces she loved as well as recreating the enchanting piano music she heard listening to Enya. For the first time she was able to sit at the piano without the discouragement she used to feel, and her creativity began to blossom.

After being happily married on January 4, 1999 and receiving further encouragement from her husband and new sister (in-law) Melissa, Jennifer began to express her creativity in a new way -composing! She recorded her first two collections of piano solos in 2002, entitled “Reflections” and “Autumn Leaves” to give as gifts to her friends and family, and now has a discography of 6 CD’s.

At present, Jennifer is enjoying living in beautiful Long Island, NY and caring for her home and family (an awesome husband and two lovely daughters). She also loves playing guitar, watercolor painting, scrapbooking, crocheting, and going for motorcycle rides with her husband.

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