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Country:  Spain
Karolis Biveinis (
Achieves his academic formation as a composer and pianist between Lithuania and Spain: first at National School of Arts of M.K. ?iurlionis in Vilnius (O.A.Steinberg – piano; B.Kutavi?ius – composition) and later at Superior Conservatory of Music of Vigo (R.L. de Castro – honors degree in piano; C.Cambeiro, F.Buide del Real, J.Eiras, among others – composition).

Improves his skills by attending master classes with composers J.Cruz-Guevara, C.Havel, J.M.Laborda, E.Zampronha; pianists Z.Plavin, A.Seriogina, R.Biveinien?; and because of his great interest in improvised music and jazz also assists the “Seminario Permanente” with A.Rábade and P.Charlín.

Obtains numerous awards in national and international piano competitions as “N.Rubinstein” (France), “Real Club Náutico de Vigo”, “Club Rotaract de Palma de Mallorca” (Spain); chamber music “Pavasario Sonata” (Lithuania). “Nona” composition of his album “Sounding Images” for cello and piano, recorded with cellist Luis Caballero, is nominated for “The 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards” in the category of classical music (Los Angeles, USA). “Voicing” (part III) composition, realized with singer Mónica de Nut, wins a Silver Award at the “Sapporo International Art Festival – Urban Soundscape Competition 2014″ (Sapporo, Japan).

“I think this piece [Voicing, part III] packs the largest impact, and the concept is that of modern art making it an excellent selection in terms of its appropriateness to SIAF.” – Ryuichi Sakamoto (Guest Director of SIAF 2014).

Features various premieres of his compositions, performances and appearances at festivals held in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan, … Worth noting “Xacobeo 2004” where he shares the stage with guitarist J.McLaughlin, “Cidade de Lugo 2011”, “Festival de Jazz do Salnés”, “Xacobeo Classics 2010”; “Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien” (Hanover), “Koninklijke Conservatorium” (Brussels), “Museo del Arte Contemporáneo de la Unión Fenosa” (A Coruña), “Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea” (Santiago de Compostela), National Philharmonic (Vilnius), Former Sapporo Court of Appeals (a.k.a. Shiryokan).

Collaborates with outstanding ensembles and soloists as “Ensemble s21”, “Grupo Instrumental siglo XX”, “Taller Atlántico Contemporáneo”, Quintet “Pentafonía”, “Plathner’s Eleven”; Adrián Silva Magdalena (flute) and Rasa Biveinien? (piano), Mónica de Nut (voice), Juan Ferrer (clarinet) and Alejandro Sanz (marimba), Asterio Leiva (clarinet) and Alejo Amoedo (piano), among others. A number of his works are published in “Musicaneo”, “Dos Acordes”, “Periferia sheet music”, as well recorded and edited by “Radio Galega”, “Estudio grabación Mans”, “Ouvirmos”.

“The music he played in Portico do Paraíso has a solid background that reflects his training and his music is nice and easy to listen. At the time of the audiovisual, Biveinis has an interesting artistic way to walk, offering great opportunities for artistic growth.” – Julián Carillo (music critic for El País).