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Thank you for taking an interest in my music. Here is the story of where it came from.

I have been musically inclined from a very young age and felt a strong appeal toward the piano early on. While studying classical piano as a child, I quickly discovered that I enjoyed making my own music at least as much as I enjoyed playing.

I wrote many simple melodies when I was young but composition was mostly a side-thought until one summer, about the time I turned seventeen, when I purchased a Korg 01/WFD synthesizer with money that most kids spend on their first car.

My compositional tastes quickly expanded from piano to include orchestral pieces now that I had a means to create and hear simultaneous lines of music in their assigned instruments using the Korg. In addition, I greatly enjoyed the multitude of artificial sounds that the Korg provided, although my preferences always leaned toward the more pseudo-acoustic ambient sounds as opposed to the electronic technical sounds.

Over the next several years I composed many pieces including a full orchestral symphony and the better part of a piano concerto (the latter admittedly unfinished). However, my repertoire was definitely weighted toward the ambient electronic sounds provided by the Korg. My one true passion, piano, remained prominent throughout this time, but my productivity was a mix of these various types of music.

As of approximately 2000, I have taken up piano composition in earnest, and have in fact put ambient electronic music aside for the time being. Piano has always been my original calling. I find myself powerfully mesmerized when I am playing, so much so that on multiple occasions people have come up behind me and touched my shoulder only to violently startle me to their presence.

Publication, Publicity

In the past my music has been presented online on sites such as (back when it was a true indie-artist forum) and However, since I did not produce commericial CDs during that time, my music received only minimal public exposure which is why I consider my new effort in mid 2008 to be something of a second debut.

Starting in mid 2008 I have begun a second attempt at publishing and gaining a public audience for my music. My new website ( and the CDs and sheet music made available here, in addition to my presence on other sites such as MySpace, CD Baby, and this site, are the central focus of that endeavour.


My two primary piano influences are Beethoven and Chopin although I am quite partial to Brahms and Rachmaninoff ...would that I could aspire to such greatness... Of a more modern bent, I am a big fan of Ray Lynch, John Williams, and Jerry Goldsmith.

Second to classical music both orchestral and piano, my favorite genre to listen to (but not compose) is progressive electronic trance, especially as mixed by the DJs out of New York and Europe for the last decade or so. I am particularly fond of Christopher Lawrence, Filo & Peri, and Paul Oakenfold.


I present my music to you in the hope that you will discover the same passion and power in it that I experience when playing and listening to it myself.

Thank you.

— Keith