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Street:  PO Box 516
City:  Exeter Tasmania 7275
Country:  Australia
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The Music of Paul Kenny - Inspirational New Age Relaxation Music

Paul is an extraordinarily diverse composer drawing on a wide range of influences incorporating an almost classical like melody and more experimental digital influences within his music leading to an innovative style of truly inspirational and a magical style of music. (News/Media).

Paul's beautiful compositions have touched the hearts and minds of thousands of people world wide. Composing and recording at his recording studio located in Tasmania Australia, Paul is at the cross-road of two worlds. Hi-Tech recording technology combine with the ‘Sounds of Nature’ to produce relaxation music that is able to take you on a journey of relaxation, magic and discovery. Nature sounds are recorded on location in hidden rainforests areas and untouched ocean beaches located in Australia. Music is composed to enhance the atmospheric sounds of nature. The tranquil natural surrounds of Tasmania Australia provide the perfect environment for Paul to compose and record his music. This music can be referred to as ‘New Age Relaxation Music’, a special blend of melodies, harmonies and rhythms to stir your emotions and lift your soul to new heights.

Paul's career includes accolades and degrees such as Bachelor of Arts (Music), Associate of Music, Licentiate in Composition, Bachelor in Business Administration. Paul is also a Fellowship Member of the Academy of St. Cecilia London, a Fellowship Member of the Cambridge Society of Musicians, Fellowship Member of the Australian Guild of Church Musicians as well as a Professional Member of the Australian Society of Music Educators. Paul has been involved in the music industry for over 25 years involving sales and marketing for 100's of retail stores across Australia, performing and giving seminars / lectures on music, business and marketing and also working closely with companies in Korea, Indonesia, China, Japan and USA. Paul is originally from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and has worked for various multi-million dollar companies throughout Australia with International links.

Music is the heart beat of life...
Music defines the way in which people live, love, breathe and worship. Music is at the heart of all life. Music is in the sounds of nature… the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves, the sound of the world turning. Music is the pulse of life, it is the heartbeat of everything. For thousands of years man has known music and has used music in everyday life. Music has been used in worship since the dawn of time. The essence of life is music. Music can take you on a wonderful journey. It can lift your soul to new heights. Music can effect your emotions so deeply and change your mood within minutes. When I am creating my “relaxation music” and hearing the nature sounds around me I am taken to a different place. Tranquil music which inspires and uplifts with the sound of nature is something that truly takes you to another place and time. With my work as a 'music specialist' I have seen how the beauty of music can be life changing. Music has the power to totally transform people and their situations in life. Music has the ability to change people, emotions and circumstances. Music is one of the only things that truly binds each and every person on the planet. Music is truly an international spiritual language.

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