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Steven Cravis
Pianist, composer, recording artist and producer

Steven Cravis is a pianist, composer, recording artist and producer of both acoustic piano solos and multi-track synthesizer music. His style is a meditative fusion of Classical, Jazz and Ambient. His style is simple and childlike yet mixed with a mature ability to convey a profound sense of heartfelt emotion, like beams of light that pull at the listener’s heartstrings.

Cravis started composing his first album, True Reflections Solo Piano at age 17. Cravis has composed multiple scores for the online games at and Many free legal music downloads by Steven Cravis are available when you join his confidential email list at

1.2 Million individual worldwide listens of Steven’s songs occurred on the former between 2000 and 2003. Now his recordings are also available on major music download sites such as iTunes (worldwide, everywhere that iTunes is available).