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Street:  82 The Grove Inse Bay
City:  Laytown Meath
Country:  Ireland
Tel:  00353 862 933422
GoGoshKa Kinkladze (
GoGoshKa Kinkladze is her name and she lives in Laytown, County Meath, Ireland. GoGoshKa..K was born in Tbilisi Georgia and studied piano at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire until receiving her Master's degree in performance and teaching.

Throughout her years in Tbilisi, GoGoshKa..K performed concerts in many different countries. GoGoshKa..K's Georgia is a beautiful part of the world with hot and humid summers and picture postcard snow falling winters. GoGoshKa..K has included some personal photos in her Photos & Videos page. GoGoshKa..K visits home as often as she can.

In 1996, GoGoshKa..K left it all behind her for a charming Irishman and moved to Dublin. Ireland in many ways reminds GoGoshKa of Georgia. "Our peoples are of the same giving nature. Our cultures are both rich and deep, steeped in music, story telling and visual arts.. Both Ireland and Georgia are small nations with about 4 million people. Our climates are opposites of each other and where Georgia is land locked on all but one coast Ireland enjoys oceans on all hers. We are both resilient and independent people and long may that last".

GoGoshKa..K has spent September 09 at home in Tbilisi recording 3 Cd,s, "Latin Quarter" - "Memories of Yesterday" and "Move 4 da Boogie" all were recorded in the Grand Hall Studio of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. The Cd's were mastered by PAVLE KVATCHADZE to whom a big thank you is extended. While there GoGoshKa..K also produced 3 Orchestral Backing Tracks for use in her SHOWS. These backing tracks were produced by the hard work and endless long nights work of RAJDEN JAIANI who was helped by ZURA TCHARELASHVILI While in Tbilisi GoGoshKa..K collaborated with her childhood best friend "BASA POTSKHISHVILI" renowned Film Director and her sister "TAMAR" owners of "Studio 123" on GoGoshKa..K's up and coming SHOW's in Ireland starting in October. See "EVENTS CALENDAR in "Home Page & Event Calender "for dates. A special composition was composed for the SHOWS by Composer NINO JANJGAVA "" simply called "NINO'S FINALE" and a big thank you and lots of love goes out to all these people. Oh! and I forgot to mention the beautiful tan GoGoshKa..K also picked up!!! What a hard life. (NOT)