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Country:  France

The flow of the river, the sounds of falling leaves and a butterfly wing-beat, the first breath of incipient love, a dew drop on the palm and crystal call dreams...

This music inspired by the deep and personal emotions and it will lead you into a long trip in your real and unreal dreams. From the first notes this music will enchant you with a richness and sensuality. With finesse, sensibility and a small tinge of nostalgia, Galya makes her melodies with a unique touch and philosophy.


It was in school in Russia that Galya made her debut at the piano. Since the age of 6, this beautiful Ukrainian girl discovers this universe - rigorous, demanding, but also emotional and free. And soon music becomes her life.

At the age of 12, Galya publishes her first work and starts building up over the years her own repertoire in many different styles: classical, jazz, popular music, new age...

Best student of the conservatory and first prize winner of international competitions, Galya surprised by her style filled with grace and perfection. From the works of Ravel, Debussy, Tchaikovsky, but also of new composers and pianists such as Keiko Matsui, David Lanz, Yanni, Joe Hisaishi, Galya has taken the best to create her own musical universe marked by polyphony of sound and a perfect mastery of the piano.

It is in France, where she has been living for 7 years, that Galya composes her first album "If Only" inspired by New Age music. The 11 piano pieces express the talent and unique style of this young composer and pianist.