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Country:  United States
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When people asked me, "Where are you from?" I used to answer, "The USA," because we lived abroad for many years. When we lived in Alaska, I would reply, "Outside," because that's how the rest of the USA is termed when you live in Alaska. However, Ohio was my birthplace and where I first learned the joy of music. I sang in the church choir growing up and studied classical piano with a variety of piano teachers. I also studied percussion for a few years and came to realize that I wanted to express myself differently from the music I was learning in my piano lessons. In my twenties I learned jazz improvisation techniques and applied them to putting down the melodies inside my heart and head.

My husband would ask me, "What are you playing?" when I would improvise on the piano, and I would reply, "I'm just fooling around." Gradually I built up a repertoire of pieces, and while living in Shanghai, China, recorded some of them at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. It was a CD meant only for distribution to friends and family. The response I received from them was overwhelming, and I was encouraged to continue to compose and seek a more professional recording of my work.

When we moved back to the USA, we chose Austin, Texas as our new home. It is a wonderful location that allows me to take advantage of the local music support industry and relish the ambient beauty that surrounds Austin. Here I recorded thirteen of my pieces for an album titled, "Facing East," that was released in November of 2009.

I continue to compose on my old Yamaha Grand and am working on a new collection of original works to record in the near future.