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"A classically trained and award winning pianist, Peckyno has been described as a hybrid between Rick Wakeman and George Winston with music ranging from driving progressive electronic rock to contemplative piano solos..."

Hello and thanks for listening!! I could start this bio with something like the above, but let's face it, bio's are strange and pretty well all sound fake. So, rather than spouting out the commercial, the best I can (or will) do is tell you how I got here... it's a pretty interesting story!

I started playing the piano at age 4 and was singing and dancing ethnic folk (with the Tamburitzans) across the US long before I was driving... During the late 80's, I played with technopunk outfit Eargasm and new wave rockers Page 19 before heading to Nashville to get my B.S. degree from MTSU's school of music business. Amongst several Nashville jobs, I worked as an agent's assistant for Joe Harris (then at Buddy Lee Attractions) for artists such as Garth Brooks (I'm still waiting on my gold record, but that's another story...) and Tricia Yearwood . Ironically, I didn't know a thing about country music... (once even tried to kick Clint Black out of one of his own shows for not having a pass!)

While working at Integrated Copyright Group, Inc., I began a collaboration with experimental guitarist Chad Corley (the Sleep-Ins, kingsizedmidget) that resulted in the formation of Longhouse Records to support our 1995 collaboration (as Bathsheva) called Mine Field Dream. The CD was well received and several tracks topped the new age charts on I subsequently recorded and released two solo CD's rsvp and Assignments before moving to Los Angeles to open a west coast office for the record company while working nights as a dragon slayer... While in Hollywood, I recorded two more CD's, Suncatcher and Counting Out Time, and spent a brief stint working as a PA for film soundtrack legend William Goldstein. At this point, I had worked professionally in nearly every aspect of the music business and, while exciting and all, I simply wasn’t getting the satisfaction I had hoped for… So, I quit and started a new life.

Over the next 9 years, I earned two graduate degrees and spent a summer working as a NASA scientist - which doesn't exactly leave a whole lot of free time. The keyboards hid under the bed for the most part, but music (at least for me) isn't something one can just walk away from, so here and there I kept recording tracks as time permitted... In 2004, after finishing my degree in Space Studies, I compiled the best tracks I had together for Exiled from Outer Space. Five years later, as my second masters was winding down, I finally picked up a baby grand piano and began to fool around as time allowed. Honestly, it was simply 3 minute chunks of therapy… I began experimenting around with the old Page 19 material and all sorts of positive feedback started to trickle in, so I compiled the best bits into a two track MIDI'd piano CD entitled Quarter Page which was released in 2009.

That brings us to today! Done with school, I decided to take advantage and hit the studio. I have just finished recording a new CD, Stripped, and hope to release it in the early part of 2011. However, rather than highly produced tracking or computer aided composition, this time each song was recorded in a single live take on a single instrument. To warm up (and try to forget about the bleepin recorder), I would improv my way into each piece during the recording sessions. There is magic in some of these moments that I just had to keep on the CD. It's easily the best CD musically I've done and I can't wait to share it!

Oh, speaking of music, I guess these bio's are supposed to say something about the music... hmm. Well, I like to do unusual things with a piano. It's been called new age, progressive, piano rock, dance, electronic, ambient, emotive, crap, and Fred. I'm going with Fred... Give it a listen, you might find something you like! You can also find me playing a solar piano live around the Pacific Northwest, perhaps in the middle of a forest, or at a winery, or on top of an ancient lava flow... I hope to see you out there!