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From performing with the Minneapolis Symphony to sharing the stage with the Moody Blues and other headlining acts, as well as appearing on the Merv Griffin Show, Jerry Lewis Telethons, and more, John Paris has had a rich and varied career that spans four decades. During that time he was leader, composer and arranger for the Las Vegas show-band Atlantis who played at the world famous Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas as well as touring major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. His resume and credentials are extensive and impressive, but suffice it to say that he is a highly regarded professional who brings a wealth of real world experience to his music. While he has formal musical training from Concordia College and the University of Nevada, he was also “schooled” by a number of well-respected music teachers, including Dennis Sandoli who taught jazz greats John Coltrane and the Brecker Brothers.

While jazz is certainly apart of John’s musical DNA, it combines with flowing new age music on his exquisite solo piano excursions that brings to mind the improvisational style of Keith Jarrett and Liz Story. His sound is a fusion of these elements and is written and performed to be spiritually uplifting, healing, relaxing and rejuvenating. In his words: “Music has always been a very special part of my life. It has been my healer, mentor, doorway to spiritual evolution and comforter. As an artist, I venture to bring you to a warm familiar place… like the feeling before a long awaited homecoming.”

His CD’s, “Journey of Soul” and “Reflections” are currently available at iTunes and, and he will soon add to his musical catalog with the upcoming releases of “Inner Voyage” and “Joy of Soul.”
John is also available for booking considerations.

Contact: John Paris, 530-680-7750
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