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City:  Wellsville Pennsylvania
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Greg Maroney is a very gifted pianist. The innovative piano music found in his 5 CDs is superbly written and comes from the heart. All the songs have a warmth and yearning that speak to the listener, bringing them nearer to their own spirit. His life and setting, in concert with his past and present, all add to the stories that are behind his enchanting music.

"Greg Maroney captures a full spectrum of emotions and musical colors, and presents them in an accessible form that deepens with each listening." Kathy Parsons,

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Greg Maroney's music evokes images and stories from both our memories and imaginations. His original piano compositions are at times variations on simple and pure melodic themes, such as Wing River on "Songs of the Water Rose" and at others intricate patterns or passionate crescendo's found in songs like Esmeralda on "The Copper Hat". His third release, "Sentinel" includes Fire Drake, a fast, fiery song full of joy at the summer weather and thunderstorms, and Avoi Dance, written for his wife Linda as she soaked up the afternoon sun in the hammock. The fourth CD, "Harmony Grove" was inspired from his rural life experiences over the past year. Songs such as Nature's Fury and The Chicken Chase are his musical interpretations of the immediate natural surroundings. Greg's most recent release, "Wind Chimes", was inspired, as the title suggests, by the collection of wind chimes hanging around the porch. He noticed that even though the chimes remained the same, every day they sang a different song. The direction of the wind, its velocity, the thickness of the air, the mood, all contribute to how one hears the ever-changing combinations and layers of sound.

Greg has studied classical and jazz piano since age 5. He also studied classical Indian Music and music of the Middle East, and gave performances on the sitar and saz in the early 1970's. Currently he continues to compose, teach and perform in concert both locally and nationally. He and his wife live in an old farmhouse in the country with 3 cats, 4 dogs, a myriad of chickens, and his vegetable garden.

Listening to his music, you will find yourself reminiscing, smiling, waltzing and dreaming.

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