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David Walsh (
Born in November of 1953 in Gloucester New Jersey my first exposure to music would be most likely from hearing the radio when my father would be working around the house or in the car. When my parents purchased their first television set, “The Lawrence Welk“program was a Sunday night ritual.

When I turned five I begin taking accordion lessons, there is a surviving picture of me in a cowboy outfit playing a guitar so I would have to think that playing the accordion was my father’s idea and not really mine.

We moved to Delran New Jersey in 1962, Thanksgiving week-end the accordion lessons started up again when a music store opened up down the street from our house. Other than having memorized a few tunes on the accordion and playing for the family at Christmas time my musical performing experiences were non-existent.

I purchased my first guitar at the music store down the street from our house a few years after high school graduation, a used mid-size Penco model A10 which I paid $40.00 dollars for, funny how some details like that never leave you.

In 1975 or 1976 friends of mine from high school and members of the Holy Cross class of 1971 stage crew were getting together once a week to play music. I joined their jam sessions and slowly my guitar playing improved.

We formed a band and were first known as Cheap Whiskey and after a year or so and a few personnel changes we changed our name to the Full Moon Express. We were a progressive bluegrass band and we played together until 1996 or so. Being in the band was a big part of my life and I always looked forward to our Thursday night rehearsals.

In 1978 my father purchased a Kimball upright piano and I found myself drawn to it. I signed up for a few lessons which always seemed so expensive. I of course wanted to play ever Billy Joel song that was playing on the radio. After six to ten weeks of lessons I would get frustrated with the expense and lack of progress for the time and money spent so I would discontinue the lessons and work on a Billy Joel song or two memorizing one measure at a time and playing it over and over again.

Any time I had the change to sit at a piano I would play those same measures over and over again, The introduction to the “Stranger, James, Prelude, New York State of Mind and a few other Billy Joel songs until finally I could get though a whole song.

The year after I got married which was 1979, I purchased my own Kimball upright piano and started up lessons again at Jacobs Music in Philadelphia on Chestnut Street. I was working in the city at the time and I would sneak in a one hour lesson at lunch time.

After 15 years of what I would now consider tinkering with the piano I realized that I was not Billy Joel and one lonely night in my one bedroom condo, on the Roland FP8 keyboard a had purchased a few years earlier, I composed my first original piece of music, “Castle of Dreams”.

Then I composed, “Megan in the Morning”, than “Awakenings”, “Blue Butter Fly”, “Mid-Night Rain”, “Autumn Afternoon” and “Country Tree Swing”, and parts of “Moving too Fast” were also composed during this time of inspiration but I did not finish this until much later.

Now I had seven original songs all instrumentals. I just assumed more inspired music and compositions would come and I would become a hit song writer over night. As fate would have it I was not able to come up with other material to produce and record my first record of 12 -13 songs.

It would take several years before I composed the remaining songs that are now on my Castle of Dreams Acoustic Solo Piano CD released in 2009.
The Full Moon Express quietly became a memory back in 1996 and we stopped getting together.

A few years earlier I decided to change careers again and hang up my tennis racks and join the corporate world once again. I got very busy with my new career in Information Technology and my music was put on the shelf for the time being. Missing the music I became involved in the Open-Mic scene and began playing again in the early years of the new century in 2002.
Now with my CD completed I am doing what I can to promote it via the internet.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out and let me know which songs are your favorites.

David Michael Walsh