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When Shoshana was seven years old, a salesman for a local accordion studio knocked on her door. Her parents immediately signed her up. She started on the accordion, and soon after started piano lessons. Not having a piano right away, Shoshana would close up her accordion, placed it down so she could play the keys like a piano and would practice with no sound coming out of it.

While in high school Shoshana learned to play the four string plectrum banjo and shortly after discovered ragtime when the movie “The Sting” came out. She was instantly hooked and applied all the banjo songs she learned to the piano. Within a year she was playing honky-tonk piano at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. At the age of 18, Shoshana landed a job as a ragtime pianist at Knott’s Berry Farm in their brand new Roaring 20’s section and later accompanied the melodramas at the Birdcage Theatre.

Fast forward many years. Shoshana discovered Chabad nigunim and started arranging and playing these beautiful melodies, of which she fell into naturally and gracefully. The positive responses of listeners, encouraged her to produce her debut album of piano solos, Soul Whispers.

Shoshana Michel's debut solo piano album of Chabad Nigunim, Soul Whispers, is now available at and through iTunes, Amazon, Mostly Music, CD Baby and Google Play. You can stay updated with Shoshana by joining her fan page at
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