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Country:  Czech republic
Pavel Vondracek (
Vondracek is a young Czech pianist and composer, born on 1998/06/11 in Havlickuv Brod. He focuses on interpreting modern New Age Classical (sometimes named only New Age) music and also composing New Age music.

Vondracek started playing when he was 4, in 2002. While attending the Art school in Podebrady, he studied elementary, necessary education in piano technique and also in the music theory. First years his teachers were changing and he was playing each year something totally different, missing some constancy. While playing pieces of baroque and classicism, Vondracek realised that a music of romanticism is the one he really likes and appreciate.

Nowadays he studies in the class of Lenka Gresova at Art school in Podebrady and in the middle of 2017 he's going to graduate the secondary education of the piano music. His recent interpretations and composements are evaluated as New Age Classical, something between the Classical and Popular music. He works with the mainstream pieces and cover them in a way he likes, very often with the spirit of New Age.

Vondracek's aim is, mainly, to widen the piano music. He would like more people to listen to the piano music. Classical music is for limited amount of people, who understand these pieces, but New Age could be for everyone.

In 2015 he released new album, called Lost in the Wind. It consists of 17 tracks, 4 of which are his author tracks, fully New Age, and others are covers of mainstream songs. In 2016 he plans to focus on Christmas pieces, like chants, carols and songs.
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