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Street:  79 Penn St.
City:  19534 Lenhartsville
Country:  USA
Solomon  Keal (
Solomon Keal's music is peaceful, relaxing, original solo piano music. It is inspiring, emotional and reflective. This music will ease you into the day as you sip your morning coffee, and it will soothe your soul as you relax at night. It explores the ups and downs of human life. Every piece will touch some aspect of your life as it carries you into a more peaceful state of mind. Solomon's music is the perfect choice for worship, meditation or massage. It creates the right atmosphere for an elegant candle-lit dinner, or for curling up in front of a warm crackling fire. Put on one of his CDs to help you focus while studying, or doing yoga; or even to help you sleep at night.

Solomon Keal is a solo piano artist from Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, USA. He composes peaceful solo piano music. His New Age, or Neo Classical, or Neo Romantic music reminds us of the folk piano style of George Winston, and has often been compared to the music of Jim Brickman, John Tesh, Claude Debussy, James Horner, David Lanz, Erik Satie, Chip Davis, Danny Wright, Liz Story, Kevin Kern, and Hagood Hardy.

Solomon has a home recording studio which allows him to record and produce his own albums. In November of 2005 he released a solo piano Christmas album called "Advent." In November of 2006 he released his fourth album; a collection of his latest peaceful solo piano compositions called "Peace of Heaven." He is currently working, with his sister Roxanne, on composing several pieces for a flute and piano album.
Solomon is an independent musician, meaning that he isn't signed to a record label. His own independent music business is called Peace of Heaven Music.
Six years of formal piano lessons laid the foundation for his ability to compose an average of 6 solo piano pieces a year since 1993. Solomon has performed his music for weddings, dinners, receptions, conferences, charity events, open mic nights, coffeeshops, and concerts.
In 1998, with the extraordinary help of Clark Ferguson of Bearswamp Studios, as well as his family and friends, Solomon made his first self-published album entitled "Thoughts and Affections." Then in 2000, he made his second album, "Heritage."
Solomon has a diploma in Recording Engineering from the Audio Institute of America, and is capable of recording his own albums as well as recording for other musicians as well.
Solomon is also a piano teacher, specializing in non-traditional lessons which cover piano basics, music theory, composition, and improvisation.
Piano performing, composing, music teaching, and recording engineering are all fluid parts of Solomon's music career.
Solomon's piano music can now be heard on online radio stations including: Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, and New Church Radio.

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