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Country:  Italy
Christian Calcatelli (
Christian Calcatelli is an independent pianist and composer born in Melbourne, Florida (USA) by an American mother and Italian father. He lived in the States for the first few years of his life and then relocated to Rome, Italy.

While carrying on his classical music studies, Christian began composing his own music, merging the European classical tradition with modern influences. Eventually, he defined his own style, which he likes to call 'poplical' - a mixture of contemporary classical, pop, new age and soundtrack.

In September 2004 he improvised at the piano, live over the web, for 3 days and 3 nights (60 hours). Well over 30.000 people were watching as Guinness World Records recognized this event as the world's only "longest solo music internet broadcast".

Christian's music has been featured on animations, media projects and an Italian feature film. His music works well as a background to your everyday life but can also be enjoyed with an attentive ear, allowing you to discover the intricacies of his piano-writing, touching melodies and dazzling piano technique.