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City:  Toledo, Ohio
Country:  United States
Sarah Modene (
Sarah has been writing music since age seven after stumbling across an interesting chord progression on the piano. Since then, she has written many compositions, most of which she has forgotten- usually intentionally. The few she decides to keep are among the ones you hear on her recordings.

After first performing a composition in a student recital, Sarah decided that she would pursue music as a career. Despite the fact that this monumental decision was reached at the wise age of ten, she has never (seriously) rethought this goal.

Sarah’s music is best described by the listener. While it has been called introspective, exquisite, and vibrant, Sarah believes that in order for one to truly appreciate her music, each individual must determine what they alone think of it. Ultimately, she strives to write from the soul; her music is personal yet universal.

Sarah’s debut album, Journey, was released in November of 2007 and is available for purchase at several online music retailers and Journey was named among Solo Piano Publications’ Top Picks of 2007.

Her next album will be released independently, with a tentative release date of September 13th, 2008, and is in the process of being recorded and produced.

Currently, Sarah resides in northwest Ohio, where she attends college part-time, works on the staff of an online publication, and runs a political blog. She is also an avid writer and an accomplished harpist, though composing admittedly takes up most of her time.

If you are interested in purchasing her recording, Journey, go to