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Country:  U.S.A.
Karen FitzGerald (
Contemporary instrumental performing and recording artist Karen FitzGerald brings together a classically trained technique with a deeply personal musical intuition that comes straight from the heart. Her solo piano compositions range from delicate and soothing to passionate and soul-stirring, evoking the beauty of nature, the subtle shades of human emotion and a deep longing for spiritual wholeness.

Making her home in Northwest Washington, Karen finds inspiration for her music in the beauty of the rain, trees, mountains and ocean. According to her hometown newspaper, the Bellingham Herald, “Her soaring compositions are reminiscent of snowstorms and waterfalls. Her musical expression is at once powerful and melodic.”

Karen’s debut CD, Heart of the Rain, was released in April 1999. With her second solo CD, Cascade, in the planning stages, Karen FitzGerald is poised for further expansion in her musical career. As Chris Lunn of the Victory Music Review says, “Here is modern, original solo piano ~ clean and crisp at its most lyrical, warm sense... Very fine piano and composition by a woman who should have national stature.”


Solo projects:
Turquoise Flame (cassette) – 1987
Heart of the Rain – 1999

Side musician:
Washington Notebook – Linda Allen – 1989
Wake Up in the Moonlight Singing – Equinox – 1998
Sweet Life – Equinox & Calyx – 2006

A Seamless Connection – 1994
The HeartAid Project – 2002
Voices of the Water – 2002
Relaxing Piano Artists for Alzheimer's Research – 2009