next artistKathryn Toyama

Debut # 5 ~ NAR World Chart for May 2007
"Hope for Harmony is a gorgeous debut... Gentle, subtle, and very soothing... setting a mood of quiet yet intense peacefulness... so effortlessly floats on a cloud of sound.... Passionate yet serene, the music follows the path of a spiritual journey that hopes for harmony within each individual and reaches out to global peace through acceptance and tolerant understanding."
Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

Long after leaving the pressures of piano competition, and more than 25 years of personal transitions and many life lessons, Kathryn finally returned to the piano for catharsis, expressing her heartfelt truths through her music with the belief that musical vibrations which are emotionally positive can reach the heart and improve how we relate to each other. Based on the results of scientific auditory research which reveal how emotional resonance can be felt through music, she hopes that her music can evoke a sense of comfort, personal healing and spiritual connection.

This album captures the bare honesty of Kathryn's emotional depth as each piece was recorded without any creative alterations, editing or enhancements. In this digital era, recording artists are blessed with the creative freedom to enhance and embellish their music but it was important to Kathryn as a solo debut artist to preserve the entire truth of her expression by recording it "in the moment" from beginning to end.