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Adolescent Reflections

The Heartbreaking Smile(5:55)

A Million Miles(6:08)

Release: November 2008
Label: Thanatip Viturawong
Tracks: 2

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Tar has a great passion for piano music and composition and has for many years shared his piano music, although almost exclusively in a small circle of friends. In 2006, he launched "Reflection": a showcase to promote his music with domestically produced scores and recordings. "Reflection" enjoyed more than 5,000 visitors and 1,400 downloads of scores and synthesised recordings.

Tar's new mission is to produce live recordings of his music and hope to see the lively support he has earned continue. His album debut "Adolescent Reflections" explores the gentler sides of piano music: the heartfelt, the heartbreaking, the soothing, the emotional, the relaxing, the romantic, and the contemplative. If you like classical romantic music and you like 20th/21st century easy-listening piano music, you'll love this short but deeply meaningful album debut which tries its best to bring piano music of the two ages together.

This is music that was innocently inspired, sincerely written and devotedly performed. This is music kindled by retrospectively utterly insignificant events that were then the whole universe. This is music that will speak faith, hope, love, happiness, despair and strength from the heart of one who seeks self-identity through these emotions. Listen passively and become detached from this world as you follow the delicately woven melodies. Or listen actively and you will embark on a journey, reliving your most passionate moments in life.

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