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Piano In Motion

In Her Eyes(3:05)

Longing For Rain(3:51)

In Motion(2:58)

Joy In Motion(3:35)

Walk In The Country(3:46)

Distance Between(2:48)

Pondering Tomorrow(2:52)

The Joy Within(3:38)

Blue Shift(2:56)

Letting Go(2:51)

Treading Freedom(5:18)

Full Deck Shuffle(2:46)

Taking It Slowly(4:20)

Delicate Glow(3:12)

In Solitude(3:36)

Unfolding Blossom(3:31)

Snow Dance(2:55)

Soothing Memories(2:50)

Reaching Out(3:27)

Sound of Musique(4:39)

Farewell My Friend(3:17)

Release: November 2, 2008
Label: StoneSound
Tracks: 21

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Piano. Just the word conjures up images of music and dancing fingers. Motion. Freedom of movement. As such, Adam captures the freedom of dancing fingers eloquently on this piano album with wonderfully crafted pieces, each composed during its performance.


PIANO IN MOTION is a collection of solo piano performances recorded in mid-December of 2007 (collection titled IN MOTION) and in March of 2008 (collection titled JOY IN MOTION). The songs were carefully arranged on this album to keep the album moving along while bringing the listener on a musical journey from song to song. Although the pieces are instrumental, the melodies are catchy and lyrical. As a listener, you may find yourself singing along, using words that the piano sings to you. Enjoy ;)


From Adam: "I love performing on the piano because it is able to not only capture the expression of the performance, but also it allows me to perform completely developed compositions. Without using words, the piano can tell stories and take you on amazing journeys."

Music is meant for the soul to enjoy, capturing the essence of the emotion of the performance. To start enjoying the music here, select a sample song from the list.


The songs/compositions are the following:

1. In Her Eyes (3:05) - Simple and sweet, but not insignificant.

2. Longing For Rain (3:52) - This solemn piece has power in its phrasing. The melody called for the song's name.

3. In Motion (original)(2:55) - Inspired by old southern blues piano, this piece keeps moving with some fun riffs and phrases.

4. Joy In Motion (3:36) - Originally conceived in 1999 as part of the Etched In Stone project, this song was finally completed as part of this project. A nicely constructed fun piece that moves along.

5. Walk In The Country (3:47) - This piece keeps moving along, as though taking a walk in the country. The melody calls for its name.

6. Distance Between (original)(2:46) - A fully improvised solemn piece that develops at it progresses.

7. Pondering Tomorrow (2:52) - Nice moments captured during the improvised performance of this simple composition.

8. The Joy Within (original)(3:36) - This song lifts the spirits as it moves along.

9. Blue Shift (original)(2:54) - Rhythmically interesting, yet improvised throughout, this piece develops as it flows.

10. Letting Go (2:51) - Tension builds during the verse sections, only to be released during the chorus sections. Nice rhythmic progressions.

11. Treading Freedom (original)(5:17) - A dark piece with moving improvised sections.

12. Full Deck Shuffle (original)(2:44) - Although this upbeat piece is instrumental, it is lyrical in nature.

13. Taking It Slowly (4:21) - An improvised, moderately slow somber piece full of expression.

14. Delicate Glow (original)(3:11) - Slow and emotional piece.

15. In Solitude (3:36) - This piece inspired the album. It showcases the use of empty space while letting the piano tones ring out.

16. Unfolding Blossom (3:31) - This piece unfolds with improvisational moments eloquently phrased.

17. Snow Dance (original)(2:53) - As the name implies, this song dances along.

18. Soothing Memories (original)(2:50) - A slowly moving composition that expands through colorful improvisation.

19. Reaching Out (original)(3:25) - Simple, yet moving.

20. Sound of Musique (original)(4:38) - This composition is reminiscent of old French musical selections.

21. Farewell My Friend (Someday We'll Meet Again)(3:18) - Dedicated to C. Tim Whiting of Marblehead, this piece's melody calls for its name (and subtitle).

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