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Piano Music - CD Single

Piano Music - Single(4:34)

Release: January 1, 2005
Tracks: 1

Album cover art by WIERZBICKI.ORG

Steven Cravis had no arranged songs planned when he went into David Austin's San Francisco recording studio and this is the soothing yet spontaneous result of him doing whatever happened on the piano in the moment. David Austin recorded Steven's performance first in an analogue format (reel to reel) before mixing down to digital to maintain the warmth of the original piano sound. Using a Mac computer with Bias Peak and Steinberg Cubase software, Steven then put together his favorite sections of the improvisation recording into a dreamy tapestry of solo piano short pieces.

This is a CD single. While it sounds like several short pieces strung together, they can be downloaded as a single 9 minute track online worldwide.

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Piano Music - CD Single
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