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Forest Vision

Forest Vision(excerpt only)


Hopeful Paths(3:07)

Release: 2012
Tracks: 3

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As a new age/smooth jazz pianist and composer, Nicholas often finds inspiration from nature scenes, in this case, the melancholy beauty emanating from a dark, thick forest. For the title track, he imagines a vision emerging deep within the forest, amidst dense foliage and towering tree trunks. It slowly takes shape within the fog, forming into perhaps a spirit, or a face, an apparition arising out of the magical and peaceful forest depths. The song evokes both mystery and tranquility, its dark, rhythmic jazz chords fused with a calming new age sensibility.

This peaceful, natural theme runs throughout the album, several of the songs are ballads that relax and calm the listener. Hopeful Paths--trails through the forest, perhaps--is an inspiring ballad, meant to uplift the listener with a forward moving, hopeful sound. Waiting for Dawn and Dark Eyes are traditional jazz ballads in the spirit of Bill Evans, with altered harmonies and lyrical melodies. Light As a Feather uses calming harmonies to suggest lightness of spirit. Where the River Runs is also initially slow but progresses into a joyful, upbeat solo, that conjures an energetic and peaceful river that flows for many miles.

The album also includes several more uptempo songs. Push is the first one, driven by a grooving pattern in the baseline that gives way to a walking bass midway through the solo. The name Push comes from the pushing, forward moving sound of the chords in the A section, as well as the bass pattern. Reunion is a pretty, slightly uptempo piece meant to evoke the joy of families and friends coming together after a time apart. Morning is a lively piece whose slightly restrained A section suggests waking up, then leading into a bright, almost pop-sounding B section meant to portray the energy and excitement of beginning a new day. Yesterday's Travels wraps up the album with an uptempo beat, reminding one of the happy, exotic feelings brought from travels one has taken in the past.

Overall, the CD draws on inspiration from the peace and beauty of a vision within the forest to relax and intrigue the listener.

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