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Reflections on a piano

Wondering Mind(3:11)

Sadness & Despair(3:47)


Release: December 7, 2006
Tracks: 3

"A piece of music is like a saying: you can either learn from it, or you can discard it as just another phrase. This album mirrors my thoughts and emotions through an instrument, in the hope that it will function as a proverb to those who hear it. The first and last four pieces were all composed over the last few years whereas 'Childhood' (tracks five to eleven) was composed roughly when I was thirteen years old, thus making it literally a musical projection of that stage in my life. You may feel identified with it, you may find it passable or you may not like it at all; but in the end, all the pieces on this album are mere reflections. Reflections on a piano." D.P.

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Reflections on a piano