Tuesday, February 20, 2007NewAgePiano.net launched

WIERZBICKI.ORG and Steven Cravis have teamed up to concept and create a new web site specifically showcasing the works of today's pianists and composers from around the world.

The site's slick and user friendly design allows fun and easy access to modern pianists' works, both their audio mp3s, sheet music and other media available. Some of the mp3s and sheet music will be free and some will soon be for sale on newagepiano.net.

Kurt Bestor, Jo Blankenburg, Joe Bongiorno, Brian Crain, Steven Cravis, Gary Girouard, Michael Dulin, Louis Landon and Markus Hübner are some of the first to be featured on the site.

The site has been created by a talented team including Project Manager and Designer Tobias Albrecht, Designers Tino Kressner and Sascha Knorr, and Programmers Martin Kunkel and Henry Shmieder.

Selected piano artist links

Selected publications